Specializing in prostate cancer patient education


I am conversant with TRUS, color Doppler ultrasound, 3T multiparametric MRI, and MRI/US fusion.


I am knowledgeable about TRUS- and MR-guided biopsies, PSA and variants, pathology, genomic testing, stage, grade, and risk stratification. I am able give clear explanations, and to put patients’ minds at ease. Patients frequently tell me, “You explained that in a way I can finally understand.”



While I am familiar with all conventional treatments, including prostatecomy approaches and radiotherapies, I have primarily worked with physicians and device manufacturers that specialize in thermal ablation of prostate tumors:

  • Cryoablation

  • HIFU

  • Focal laser ablation

In addition, I have working knowledge of less common therapies not used in the U.S. such as photodynamic therapy and hyperthermia.

Recovery and Follow Up

Because I have experience managing prostate cancer patients, I am aware of their issues and concerns after treatment. While only their physician can offer medical advice, I can provide support, encourage, and liaison to peer support programs.

Advanced Prostate Cancer

I am happy to speak with patients who have advanced disease to support them in working with their own specialist. Additionally, with their doctor’s agreement, I can provide patients liaison to national prostate cancer support programs, and can direct them to state-of-the-art information on the internet if they don’t know where to find it.

Karen Barrie, M.S.
511 Maple Avenue
Wilmette, Illinois 60091


Services Include:

  • Patient Education
  • Website & Blog Content
  • Peer Program Development
  • Marketing to patient
  • Individual patient management
  • Liaison with national patient programs